Atype-Legal is a customized version of Atype Persian voice dictation system that is developed for legal and judicial texts. Atype–Legal is suitable for attorneys, lawyers, judges, notaries, courts typists, etc. By using Atype-Legal, writing legal texts and documents is done quickly and easily with lower cost. In addition to useful common words in Persian, Atype-Legal vocabulary contains specific legal and judicial words. Moreover, Atype-Legal engine suits the style of legal writing.
Capabilities of Atype-legal are:

Atype-Legal Features

  • High accuracy (up to 95%)
  • Real-time typing, it types as you talk
  • Working in all typing environments such as M.S. Word, forms, automation systems, etc.
  • Converting pre-recorded audio files into text (offline mode)
  • Containing vocabulary bank of more than 40,000 Persian words and phrases (general and specialized in legal and judicial field)
  • Containing Latin terms and expressions in medical field and radiology
  • Capability to add new words to the vocabulary by the user (user lexicon)
  • Speaker adaptation capability to learn the speakers’ accent and tone (user profile, unlimited)
  • Automatic speaker recognition ability to select user profile automatically (Avoice service)
  • Persian text-to-speech ability to read the typed text (Atalk service)
  • Environmental adaptation capability to maintain performance in noisy conditions
  • Supports voice commands to run and control applications (Atask service)
  • Providing record history for upcoming edition by physician or secretary
  • Writing numbers and punctuations such as points and question marks by talking
  • A customized editor with special facilities such as Atext service
  • Coming with a special speech recognition headset
  • Bilingual user interface (English and Persian)
  • Having single-user and multi-user network versions

Atype-Legal Package includes:

  • Software CD
  • Atype user guide CD
  • Speech recognition microphone
  • USB lock
  • User manual booklet

Atype-Legal requirements

  • Windows XP operating system or higher
  • Installation of Persian Language and keyboard
  • Dot Net 3.0 Environment (to be installed along with the software)
  • 2 GHz CPU or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM for Windows XP and 1 GB for Windows Vista and Win7
  • 250 MB of free disk space
  • Sound card with microphone input
  • High quality speech recognition microphone (to be supplied with software)

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Address : 2608 Sandstone Crt., Coquitlam, BC, V3E 2T9, Canada
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