Atype-Medical is a customized version of Atype Persian voice dictation system for medical applications in radiology, MRI and CT. Using this package, medicine and radiologists are able to prepare their reports in a short time and reduce their costs. Atype-Medical can be deployed in all hospitals, treatment centers, radiology centers, MRI and CTs. The lexicon, language models and acoustic models of Atype are customized to results in high performance if the medical context.
The list of Atype-Medical features is given in the following.

Atype-Medical Features

  • High accuracy (up to 95%)
  • Real-time typing, it types as you talk
  • Working in all typing environments such as M.S. Word, forms, automation systems, etc.
  • Converting pre-recorded audio files into text (offline mode)
  • Containing more than 30.000 words of radiology, MRI and CT
  • Containing Latin terms and expressions in medical field and radiology
  • Capability to add new words to the vocabulary by the user (user lexicon)
  • Speaker adaptation capability to learn the speakers’ accent and tone (user profile, unlimited)
  • Automatic speaker recognition ability to select user profile automatically (Avoice service)
  • Persian text-to-speech ability to read the typed text (Atalk service)
  • Environmental adaptation capability to maintain performance in noisy conditions
  • Supports voice commands to run and control applications (Atask service)
  • Providing record history for upcoming edition by physician or secretary
  • Writing numbers and punctuations such as points and question marks by talking
  • A customized editor with special facilities such as Atext service
  • Coming with a special speech recognition headset
  • Bilingual user interface (English and Persian)
  • Having single-user and multi-user network versions

Atype- Medical Package includes:

  • Software CD
  • Atype user guide CD
  • Speech recognition microphone
  • USB lock
  • User manual booklet

Atype- Medical requirements

  • Windows XP operating system or higher
  • Installation of Persian Language and keyboard
  • Dot Net 3.0 Environment (to be installed along with the software)
  • 2 GHz CPU or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM for Windows XP and 1 GB for Windows Vista and Win7
  • 250 MB of free disk space
  • Sound card with microphone input
  • High quality speech recognition microphone (to be supplied with software)

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Address : 2608 Sandstone Crt., Coquitlam, BC, V3E 2T9, Canada
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